How to bake a strong and happy family, Life’s recipe

Dear Life,

All I want for Christmas

Is the recipe for Your most special cakes: The Family.


man, in love

woman, in love

clear space

a dream of a home and family

Skills and tools needed:

trust in Life

following Life’s guidance, one step at a time


readiness for action

trust in each other



(for best guaranteed results, renunciation to as much as possible energy consuming distracting activities)

Materials needed:

construction materials and tools




take the man in love and place in the clear space and mix him vigorously with various construction materials

teach him to focus his mind and learn everything about everything

work him well with a shovel, saw and hammer until he completes the house

take the woman in love, clean her thoroughly in the fire of Love of all old unnecessary habits and dogmas she inherited from her kin.

teach her how to use intuition to keep herself clean and and how to clean others of anything that’s not pure Life inspiration

teach her how to organize and run the home 🏡

take the man in love and the woman in love and mix them well together until you obtain one homogenous dough

from that dough, shape one, two, three or as many little buns as you desire

bake them in the oven of their (man & woman) love until strong and happy

continue expanding man’s learning and working abilities and the woman’s cleaning and home organizing abilities and work them diligently to expand the home

look after little buns from the oven, keep them safe while out playing

stay on guard and keep the home protected from any ill-intended outside intruders

continue expanding the home until it connects with other homes and form a community

continue expanding the strong and healthy communities to form a society

continue expanding the strong and healthy societies to form a world.

!!!!! this is NOT an easy recipe to bake. Please choose consciously. If errors appear at any step, please, immediately ask for assistance. Do not attempt to make adjustments!

All ©️copyrights are own by Life.

A. Garden, Dec. 24, 2017