Laws of Life and Universe ~ Invitation to Ask for Your Unique Truth

Everything that exists is bound by laws. Including the universe.

Laws are the boundaries and guardians between Something and Nothing.

Without them everything would return to the Nothing from which they arisen.

Because the Universe is “the same in big as in small”, like a fractal, the exact same laws apply to galaxies and to microscopic worlds as well.

Our lives on planet Earth are no exception.

Do we ought to know and respect the Laws?

For a reason later discussed, we humans alone were bestowed with a beautiful unbearable gift: freedom of choice. We may choose to act against the Laws.

Why? Well, because we alone have a brain that is able to witness the infinite power and intelligence of the Laws. Directly. Subjectively. Consistently. In awe.

How do we learn about the Laws of Life?

Like all children learn. By asking questions.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is the purpose of our lives on Earth? Why do we suffer? Why things don’t turn out the way we think they should? Why don’t we get what we want but what we despise? Why is happiness such an illusive ephemeral fleeting feeling? What is right and what is wrong to do?

It doesn’t matter what others have learned in the past. It doesn’t matter what they taught regarding what they’ve learned. You can learn too. Your own unique way.

Because the life you live is naturally causing questioning and seeking of truth.

So, speak! Voice your deepest question! Shout your desire! Ask for what is yours and yours alone: a unique form of the same eternal Truth.

A. Garden, Jan. 1st, 2018