One destination, one direction, zero choice

Eventually, this lifetime or the next, each individual will solve the freedom of choice problem.

From the point of view of Life, all choices are equally neutral.

From the point of view of Life, choices are like tiny meandering bumpy adjacent roads on a circuit track. Funny thing about choices … they increase their number and their entanglement exponentially. You’ll love choices if you don’t care about crossing the finish line. And that’s just fine. You’ll have quite the journey. Might even have fun … for a while. Most probably get completely lost. But, hey! You did it your way. No worries. Life will save your butt … again (and you get to witness it all, if you have a decent degree of awareness, that is. If not, you’ll say “I saved myself”).

However, at some point you might feel you really really want that prize.

Staying on the circuit track helps a lot to that end. No more choices. Onwards.

Stay awake. Stay naturally well. The minute you feel slipping off the track, slow down and get back on (forgiveness).

If you know what I mean.

If you don’t … well, then you have a choice.

A. Garden,