The Secret ~ about the paradigm shift and the need for spirituality

A major paradigm is falling and it is just as distressing (if not more) as it were in the past when another major paradigm fell (the earth is not flat and it is not the center of the galaxy).

This time we are faced with an even greater mental shift:

  • We are not separated from the world we see (from the universe either) Everywhere we go, “the same world” goes with us.

  • We don’t make life. Life makes us. Life does not depend on our ability to think and exert labour.

  • There is no future for the individual without spirituality. We might be 99,99% spirit and 0,01% carbon-based, but these two similar yet different substances will never mix. They must learn to dance together. A unique choreography must keep them both satisfied in the dance of earthly living. Timing is key so excellent communication between the two is mandatory. Hence, the need for spirituality.

A. Garden, Jan. 2018