Three Worlds and Forgiveness

Life is like a tree. It has three parts: the roots with dirt around them (what shamans call the Underworld, what religions call Hell), the crown with leaves, flowers and fruits (the Upperworld, the Heavens), and the trunk where crossings happens (the Middle World, the World).

Roots people work hard sifting dirt to produce dirt food carried up by carrier people to the crown people. Crown people work hard sifting photons to produce light food transported down by carrier people to roots people. It is plain to see that none is superior or inferior, they are all equally important for tree’s life.

Carrier people are the ones who are most likely to understand both roots people and crown people. They are the only ones who actually know and understand the other two kinds of people. In the Middle World, the two extreme worlds (Upper and Under) overlap. Crown people and roots people, they’ll never understand each other. They cannot. Even when they are married. Thank God forgiveness was invented.

Forgiveness means I recognize that maybe I don’t understand what happen. It seems so very wrong to me now, but it might not be. So, until a later time perhaps when I’ll understand, for now, I forgive.

Right now, is it more important to seek understanding or it is more important to do what I must do? Forgiveness removes non-understandable pieces (or finds ways to move me around them), bringing me back on the flow of inspired actions.

Forgiveness restores my balance, lost after a collision. Forgiveness allows silence and space needed for Life Energy to heal my wounds and regenerate my systems.

Forgiveness is meditation. Forgiveness is letting it go.

How do we forgive? We simply state “I forgive”.

A. Garden, Jan. 2018