The Natural State ~ an experiential meditation workshop I offer in Sibiu

Stability. Balance. Harmony. Certainty. Relaxation. Calm. Natural. Wellness. Appreciation. Admiration. Enchantment. Wonder. Eagerness. Home.

Starting from the ancient practice of meditation, we explore different variations until we discover your optimum personal method of reentering into your natural state of wellbeing. Practiced each morning and in key moments of your day, your own method of rebalancing becomes a ritual as necessary as your daily body care.

We discover amazing aspects of our inner world and we start understanding the game of life.

Start date: 5th February 2018

Location: JULES Restaurant & Bistro, Sibiu, 6 Mitropoliei Street

Duration: 6 weeks, 12 sessions, Mondays and Thursdays

Program: 17h – 19h or 19h – 21h

Cost: 300 roni


Facilitator Andreea Garden

More information on FB page Theo and Mira