Spirituality Technology Fun

“How wonderful is to follow your heart’s bliss. To do as inspired to do.

In this garden called world, make your soul happy.

Dedicate the entire day to your soul.

But first sit quietly and let yesterday wash away.

Then, … “

There are people so kind and so gentle that the Earth weeps every time they step.

Where are they? Perhaps your very quiet neighbor, perhaps a relative you never think of. They are never obvious. Never loud. Like that your soul is. To hear its voice you must shut your loud mind.

Before you knew about your soul, you laboured hard for food and shelter, trying to stay alive. Now, that you’ve found your perfect partner, your soul, you are free to create and play.

Between survival mode and creative mode there is a very small tiny opening.

You may only cross by employing one of the most common spiritual tools. Do you know it’s name? I’ll give you a hint.

It starts with m.

There are many spiritual tools. It seems that spirituality technology is becoming mainstream. What nanotechnology was to free flowing information, meditation is to free flowing energy. Both extremely tiny yet enormously effective.

So, learn to meditate and discover your gentle spirit.

A. Garden, Jan. 2018