State of Play or Creative Meditation

Meditation is the basic state of mind for any therapeutic practice. Unless mind is clean, emptied of all worry and expectation, healing, which means recovery of natural well being, has no space to happen. In my healing practice, I experimented with various forms of meditating, from simple breathing kinds to more elaborated like Reiki, or ho’oponopono. I realized that meditative state was a flat, a leveled neutral place, a quiet empty room, where all madness (originated in fear) specific to the survival mode ceases. Here, cells of our body may return to their normal functioning. In this quiet room, if you get comfortable here and return often, you will begin to “sense” the call to creativity. This is the definition of a creative person: someone who listens and follows that subtle (in the beginning) voice. “Listen to your heart” “Follow your bliss” “Let your intuition guide you”, here are a few expressions that say the same thing: get into the creative mode. Why? Because it’s your purpose and your joy: create your world.

Quite the revelation I’ve had when I realized this may be my purpose too. My creativity had always been about finding ways to bring others in the quiet room where they get the reset they need. And cleaning up their mess they leave behind. I never focused on creating my world. I never believed, never give myself permission.

So! Let’s get to it, shall we!

A. Garden, Feb. 1st 2018