A simple day to day moment to moment focus joy algorithm

How do focus and happiness relate to one another?

Focus is direction of my energy.

Happiness is the effect of constantly directing my focus on my real, natural, immediate joy.

In the world, especially in present world (nothing wrong with the world), focus zigzags in a million directions. Consequently, we forget what’s the main idea of our life on earth (joy of being and of creating from the inside out). When we meditate, the mind is clear and still. Then, from our own imagination, an idea appears. This idea might be as simple as going to the coffee shop and get a coffee; might be a childhood remembrance of how fun it was flying a kite or drawing a dog. Or it might be anything at all. What is true for all inspired ideas is that they feel natural and full of joy and they always come from the state of calm, clear mind. We can decide we will follow our inspired ideas. So, we get up and make the first move. We realize a sense of lightness and increased aliveness comes over us as we take the next step … and the next. We become stable in our bubble of wellbeing. Now, we truly are helpful to others and the world thanks us for using it properly.

So don’t look for joy. Real joy is here, within. Follow it. Congratulate yourself: “I’m doing it!”

A simple day to day, moment to moment focus-joy algorithm:

When I’m not feeling well, I’m NOT following my joy.

When I’m blaming, I’m NOT following my joy.

When I’m afraid of some idea, I’m NOT following my joy.

When I’m feeling guilt or shame, I’m NOT following my joy.

When I’m trying to solve a problem by thinking, I’m NOT following my joy.

When I’m feeling anything else than real, natural, inner felt joy, I’m NOT following my joy.

Action necessary: meditate. (In any way you can or know, calm and clear your head.)

A. Garden, Feb. 2018