Observations on creativity and a painting in progress

Creator is a constructor, not a magician.

Creation is a work in continuous renovation, improvement, polishing.

Man may cross from survival mode to creative mode but each person in his or her own (easy) way.

Men must dare at some point to create their own world. Their world may be a relationship, a family, a career, a workshop, a business, a community, a society, a state of being, etc.

It’s not necessary to have knowledge, skills, networks. It’s necessary to dare, knowing this is part of your purpose here on Earth: to create.

It’s not necessary to say a lot of words, to give explanations. It’s necessary to know how to listen. And it is necessary to do.

Like Brancusi said, “it is not hard to do things, it’s hard to get into the state of doing things.”

A few observations from my creative activity and, more recently, from offering The Natural State meditation workshop.

Painting done at Farbenlicht.ro Art Therapy Workshop .