Create Time and Space and The Next Best Thing

Some thoughts

In the process of preparing the meditation workshop, I have come to ask myself “what do I love to create”. “Moments” the answer appeared immediately. It was the voice of my feminine self. “And spaces”, my masculine self replied.

When at least some space in the mind is cleared, a (new) moment may be created. It seems it happens on its own, but my favorite elements are used as building elements. So, it’s more accurate to say that the moment partly arises naturally and partly has been configured through living my life and gathering my favorite elements.

What is space? A place on the map of the mind. The surface of the mind is like the world. In places is tight, crowded, human-made, elsewhere is wide open and wild. Find a place that is easy to clear (or already cleared) but also has all the necessary human-made components you need, and where they are easily accessible. When you decide on a place, grow roots there. Then start building your moment.

What is time? Psychologically, time is defined by a feeling, either my mood, or the general atmosphere inhabiting that space : “when I am having a good time, time flies; when I am bored, time is dragging; when I am worried or anticipating a thing to come, time crushes me.”

Time depends on my projected tomorrow and my remembered yesterday.

In this moment, time is zero. Here, space is zero. From zero’s point of view, all is irrelevant.

From the clear blue sky point of view, all clouds are irrelevant.

However, this moment is not nothing. This space and this moment is an entire masterpiece. Partly naturally and partly because of my remembered or imagined experience, this moment has been created.

NowHereMoment is a gift. Unless fully received, unless fully inhabited, unless fully internalized, the gate towards the next best thing remains veiled.

A. Garden, Feb. 25 2018

Image source Unsplash