May Your Spring Be Warm and Happy

This is a wonderful romanian song I love to listen to (and hum to myself) each spring. Enjoy! 🌸🌱

“A Spring”

Lyrics Dan Iagnov

Music Dan V. Dumitriu

Singer Angela Similea

Time has passed

A winter is gone,

But I lost you afar

Since forever it seems.

In moments of silence

I gathered so many nights and longing

That I may meld an eternity

So easily.

Ch: A spring has bloomed in your absence

And a wandering thought, smiling, carried away

The last cloud toward west.

A spring held my hand and whispered

“You are more alive than ever,

Although one more year has passed.”

Footsteps in early morning’s frost

Deceived my hopes too many times

I cried and I was scared

And I called for you in vain,

Another winter has passed

Like every year.

Ch: A spring …