(A little) Conversation with Life

Life and I, we are playing a game.

It starts with a conversation.

I ask Life a question.

Life answers simply, if my question was right.

If not, Life helps formulate my question until it is right.

What “right question” means?

It means relevant. Logical. Sensible. Honest. Based on actual real life experience, not on abstract mental constructs.

For example:

What is Life?

To get to know Life, let’s start like small children. By feeling. We feel warm, we enjoy. We feel cold, we cry and warmth comes immediately. We feel filled, we enjoy. We feel hungry, we cry and warm sweet milk flows. We feel comfortable, we enjoy. We feel uncomfortable, we cry and our comfort is being attended to.

Why am I here?

Later, as grow a little, we feel eager to explore the world, and we are happy doing so. We feel intrigued about how things are done so we learn a little from others. We feel interested in doing things on our own now. We are happy when things turn out the way we intended. We cry and get angry when they do not. We try to understand why. We are still just exploring.

How to I get what I decided I like?

You stop exploring. You stop asking questions. You stay still and wait patiently. You prepare yourself for receiving the things, emotions, adventures you decided you like.

How do others get what they like?

In the same way. Being with others is of great value as it adds experience. Others’ experiences help you identify faster and with more subtlety what you like or dislike. Once you decide your preference, others’ experience is no longer relevant to you. You let them be. Allow them to continue their own explorations and reach conclusions on their own. I, Life, do so.

How do I learn to like more?

Be still and quiet, more often. You will begin to feel more. Soon, you will acquire a taste for liking each moment, as you learn to savour its essence.

How do I learn to do things well?

You realize that in order to become a master you must learn by watching the Master. Life is that Master. Observe Life at work. Observe nature, the cosmos, life of humanity.

Who am I? Am I Life or am I “myself”?

A branch in a tree is asking “am I a branch or am I the tree?”

You are Life, mostly. A little small part of you it is not Life. It is what you call “myself”.

“Myself” is free to disregard Life part of who you are. “Myself” behaves as “myself” learned from other “myselves”, from other people.

Go back into your childhood and remember how to feel the Life part of you, inside your body, in the air, in the light, in the water, in earth, in the sky, in trees and in animals.

Now, “myself” and Life, we may learn and play together. We may do things together now.

“Myself”, the explorer of new territory, and Life, the Creator of my desired experiences.

Now, it’s your turn, dear reader. Go ahead. Ask your question.

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