Princess or Witch

Inside me both reside in clear opposition, like day and night.

Princess and Witch. (For men, Prince and Wizard/Dragon).

Witch and Wizard are very charming and very very clever. They have a lot of knowledge (and use it) of how to get what they want. They can never go beyond what they want though. They are intellect and quick pleasures (sensorial, material or intellectual) never fully satisfied.

Princess and Prince go beyond what they want to what they really want: love. Complete satisfaction.

As you all know, Witch and Wizard must die in order for Prince and Princess to succeed in reaching unending love.

I’ll let you find further meanings in different fairy tale versions, different versions of our life situation.

This is exactly what all spiritual leaders are trying to teach us: each moment be aware of whom are you supporting, whom are you feeding through your attention: your inner princess/prince or inner witch/wizard-dragon (other names: angel or demon, ego or presence, mind or heart).

When we think negative fearful thoughts, whom are we feeding?

When we watch or listen negative fearful stories, whom are we feeding?

When we talk negative fearful words, whom are we feeding?

We each must choose and must prepare in advance. If we’ve been practicing being a witch (funny, rhymes with bitch) we can’t expect being treated like a princess. But, we may always choose again. Start fresh. Be reborn. But we must start practicing otherwise. A neutral space: meditation, the place of zero thought, the place of no place.

And then, moment by moment, we practice by either saying (to ourselves in inner talk or to another) “I love” or we say “I’m sorry for not being in that place of love”.

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