A song of love ~ a poem

Somewhere in the mist of morning,


You, the one who feels like love.

May every moment feel like you!

I give up efforts of trying,

Instead I write soothing poetry of love.

Not enough is written of love,

Not enough is sung of love.

Love is my emotion

Love is my voice

Love is my verse

Love is my prayer

Love is my redemption

Love is my manner

Love is my destiny

Love is my adventure

Love is my home.

Love is my food

Love is my money

Love is my fun

Love is my rest

Love is my sadness

Love is my eagerness.

Eternally here, all-pervasive

Keeping on coming


Don’t believe what scientists tell you

Your bones are made of particles of love.

Don’t lend an ear to nearsighted speculations,

A miraculous fluid flows through your veins.

Close your eyes and shut down your brain,

Feel Intelligence of love rising from your heart


Keep silent. Go for a walk

On your own.

Love’s a trusted companion.

Marvel at blueness of the sky,

At songs of birds,

At baby eyes.

Return home and find it


Sit on the porch and watch

Dawn of light, love’s depart.

Save the night for contemplation

On love’s mystery.

©️A. Garden, May 4th 2018

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