Pearl of the Sea ~ a morning song

“I am willing” said my mind.

Suddenly, all walls tumbled and fall.

“I am willing to sit in Your fire,

I am willing to fly by Your desire,

I am willing to play Your songs

I am willing to dance Your music.”

“What feels best?” You ask

Waking up knowing You

Stretching and saying

“Good morning, Life!”

Comfort of bed like Angel’s arms

Freshness of water awakes my senses

Softness of clothing like lover’s touch

Sweetness of fruit like nature’s delights

Brilliance of Sun like a faithful father.

A world full of things and people

Shapes and colors

Flavours and scents

Like sprouts popping

in and out of existence.

Take me, Angel, to the shore of that Sea

Of Love.

In the sand, a pearl,

So beautiful, so real.

A thought,

A gift,

A promise,

A sailboat,

An adventure,

An exhilarating feeling,

A story of love, by love, from love,

With love.

©️A. Garden, May 5th 2018

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