This is a thought ~ a poem about thinking and clearing old thoughts

Is it in your mind?

Is it formed of words and images?

Does it describe a problem?

Does it solve a problem?

Does it make you feel some kind of emotion?

It is a thought.

Man’s favorite toy.

Man discovered thinking

is much fun,

making life easier because




And it was true.

Man created many tools,

including systems

of organizing people,

to ease their living.

And it was good.

Now, man discovers that

too many tools,

too many systems,

too many thoughts,

make life harder.

Playing with thoughts

needs adjustment.

A great garage sale is open.

Man learned a lot,

especially where to find

right thoughts.

Most old thoughts and tools

are unnecessary now,

ready to be passed on

to those who need them.

Some, not easy to let go of

because emotional attachment.

And yet …

Now man discovers

a clear space

to start over.

“What would be



©️A. Garden, May 8th 2018

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