What love can do ~ a song for my sons (and for all children, parents, teachers, lovers)

In and out of bliss

Stumble, hit and miss

The world seems cruel, my son

Until you find the path

To your heart.


Love grinds mountains to fine sand

Love calms storms of human might

Love turns sour fruit to candy

Love brings effervescent life

Once you found your heart.

In a blissful moment

Listen to the waves

Of the sea of light

Life is but a dream

Let it all flow out

Fill the world.

I’m so sorry, I know

You think your happiness

Rests in my hands, my soul

But your bliss begins and ends

With your love.

Let the children teach you

Let the children show you

What love is,

What love can do.

©️Andreea Garden, May 15 2018

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