A better version ~ a little automatic writing regarding perception, positive thinking, desire and love engine

Because reality is like a simulation formed of my perception, a better version of this reality is always possible.

Ok. Let’s see. What would be nice to perceive?

But wait. Perception is a habit. If I gotten used perceiving a certain thing in a certain way, to perceive it differently … well, it takes some thinking in the right direction, the direction of that which I intend to perceive (the actual positive thinking). This process of thinking in the positive way is hard, impossible even without a seriously powered vehicle. And that vehicle is powered by Love.

Because Love is the only all-pervasive potential of this universe. Love is ignited by a sincere desire. A sincere desire is not something I can make up. I cannot just say “yeah, I really want that”. A real desire is something I receive, like a thought or a vision. How is a desired received? In the same way sunlight and rain is received.

Since there are numerous aspects of reality that may be improved, isn’t just a waste of time to wait for a certain vision of something I am not getting right now, instead of proceeding with the ideas I am actually getting right now? Hence, “follow your bliss. Listen to your heart. Be true to yourself.”

Every moment I am getting something. Receive it by quieting my mind. Accept that. That is for now. Tomorrow will be something else.

©️A. Garden, May 23 2018

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