May I be honest ~ explanations on how I like to connect with you, reader of mine

Hello, dear reader. I might have left you the unwholesome impression that I am not interested at all to connect with you. I realize my blog is set up like a personal diary where I save moments and inspirations on life, love, our amazing universe and some worldly lovely mundane tidbits. My blog serves me also as a “quick and healthy happiness recipe box”, a safe go-to place for those gloomy days. I use my blog to … lightly … timidly … sort of … “promote” my ebook, poetry and some therapy services I offer.

I know, I happen to love being on that island called “my world of imagination where all I love lies at hand, ready to grasp”. I’m not one of those people (nothing wrong with being one of those people!) who willingly sign in for lifting heavy weights or entering excruciating competitions to prove my worth or my strength. I am one who, whenever life throws me in a mad circus, I’m doing the best I can to remain composed until the storm passes. And this repeated practice showed me how faithful Life is to me. So the need for drama ceased. Connecting with others, live or digitally, is a little drama for me. Or, at least, it used to be… I think. I discovered something in me that made it into a burden.

Anyway, what I am meaning to say is this: I do enjoy human interaction, even more so, I adore open honest sensible live conversation. For a long time I stopped believing it can be found because I got really tired in the process of seeking it where it cannot be found.

I love people. I realize I’ve been in the process of creating a new way (my own way) of interacting with another. It all begins by creating an atmosphere. A clear opened heart ensures only the best in us will emerge. The subject we play with is either something we both love, the feelings of this Now (not little that is) or spiritual speculations about how it (Now moment) came to be. In the end, it is all about the way you say it. Even the worst news could be worded and voiced in a loving way. This is my daily practice.

I always knew that a clear opened heart is the right way to start and to go. But what I didn’t know … well, it just has to find its propitious space. The slightest “unclear” thought vibe … well, you know. I received this wonderful vision. A happy place where trees grow, flowers bloom, birds singing, butterflies frolicking, … and then, a loud crazy crow enters. While this is something that the mischievous mind would find … interesting, the atmosphere is gone. Where did it go? Returned to sender. Love never touches the mind. Yields the space and goes away.

So, to conclude, I connect with whom is at home in Love. The others … well, they are … interesting … for a little while …. to observe … silently… from a distance.

Only recently I realized comments are closed on my posts. I don’t clearly remember making myself that setting, … I must have done it at some point. I love peace of mind. But sometimes I feel the need to get out and play with others. Personal messaging is my way of connecting with playmates. I do check my Messenger and Emails and I do respond to all … in reasonable time. So please, if you feel a heart connection with me, don’t hesitate. Email me. Invite me to play. In the field of Love. Slowly, easily, simply, intently, wholeheartedly.

Of all beautiful things, seen or unseen.

Please rest assured, I don’t collect any personal data nor use your email address in any other way than personal sensible mutually desired communication.

I hope my declaration will stand in-lieu of the standard Privacy Policy regarding the new GDPR compliance (at least until I make one or learn how to install a WP … plugin … or something).

©️A. Garden, May 25th 2018