A polarized world; Is it natural? Is it logical? ~ an interview with The Little Prince

We have a few burning questions to ask.

We tried to find some unbiased real intelligence on planet Earth but we couldn’t at this time.

So we turned to Asteroid B-612 where we are certain we’ll find good clean answers.

~ Interview with The Little Prince ~

“One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye.” said the fox. You know, he was right.

Q: Dear Little Prince, a polarized world; is it natural? Is it logical? Is it necessary?

LP: Every time I need an example for starting work on some idea I have, I begin by observing Nature. Biomimicry, it’s called on Earth. Let’s have a look. Hm, … polarity … opposites. Like the sky and the earth? Like night to day? Summer and winter? Fire and water? Yes, opposites occur in nature so yes it is natural. It is logical to have opposing parts in nature, but they don’t hate each other.

Q: In our world, there is a great war happening between the two opposing directions: one conservative and one progressive. How do you see this?

LP: Let’s look at a tree. Its roots are indeed quite different from the branches with leaves. Can you imagine one living without the other? Can you imagine one hating the other? What you call conservatives or people of traditions, they are the roots. They care for the earth and use it to produce food. Progressives or modern people are people of the leaves. They use the sky, ideas and light, to produce technologies that make life a lot more interesting and fun. The two groups depend on each other just like leaves depend on the nourishments from roots, and roots depend on the light gathered and processed by leaves.

Q: How did it all start?

LP: In the beginning of man’s history, one man was going out to gather and hunt for food, the other was staying behind in the cave, busy chipping a stone. The last one was considered crazy or lazy, but eventually he made the spear which made hunting a lot easier. However, himself might not be the best of hunters because his expertise in hunting is very limited. So he gives his spear to those who know hunting. After all, it was created for them to use. The inventor returns to his inventions. Some useful, some not so much.

Q: Why do people reached the point when they hate each other?

LP: There is the third kind of people: the jokers, the illusionists, the wizards.

The joker’s “job” is to distract people’s attention from what is really happening. People of the earth are crying “we need help and technology to clean and preserve the earth”. People of ideas and technology are crying “we need clean fresh food to stay healthy and strong”. But their ears are made deaf by all media’s political shows. “Lookey here! Lookey here! Lookey here!” They tell people of the earth: “look how bad, ugly and agitated are people of ideas and technology; they destroy the Earth“. At the same time, they tell people of ideas and technology “look how stupid and ignorant and slow are people of the earth; they keep you in stagnation.” They create hate and despise in people’s hearts.

Q: What is the purpose of polarity in the natural world?

LP: Polarity breeds diversity. Would you like to have a world of just green grass. Everywhere, just green grass. The animals, the people, made of green grass. The sun is a big glob of green matter, moving on the green grassy sky.

“One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye.” said the fox. One should remember this one thing only: always keep your heart wide open.

©️A. Garden, June 5th 2018