The reality of my angel

Yes, I admit, I acknowledge I have a million desires.

Yes, it is true I don’t fully see their possible fulfillment.

But You do, I know for sure.

Your reality is my truest deepest biggest every day desire.

Who else is closer to me than my own mind is, than my own heart is?

Who else is able to breathe air and life through me?

Who else floods my body with blood, water and pure love?

Who else shapeshifts in my path into every flower, tree or stone, mountain and ocean, while remaining utterly infinite unmanifest?

“Hundreds have sought for you

and died searching.

You are in the breeze

And in this river of wine” said the poet.

~ * ~

Come, let’s play with the world.

I am sowing new desires in you.

Be willing.

~ * ~

©️A. Garden, June 2018