The kind of games that employ your mental abilities to enhance the beauty of our planet and of our universe

“We are all playing games.

Earth experience is a virtual reality.

We are pretending we forgot we are playing.

We are pretending we are here to do something important, other than playing the games.

Playing is important.

When we overthink, we are stalling playing.

When we protest what is for longer than speaking the phrase “I prefer different”, we are messing up the game.

When we believe we need others to play our game, the game gets complicated … before its time.

We are all avatars of the One Player.

Once you know this, you start playing for real. You realize there is no need to protest the condition of your current avatar. You can choose either an upgraded version or choose a different avatar. You have that kind of freedom of choice.

Anyway, the fun you have depends on your ability to feel joy of being. Once you increase your satisfaction sensitivity, the kind of game you play becomes irrelevant.

In this 3D mental setting we call the world, this “I am better than you are” game is most popular. Avatars available:

The Ruler/King/Businessman

The Counselor/Word of Law Keeper/Lawyer

The Warrior/Fighter for Ruler/Policeman

The Noble Knight/Hero/Gentleman

The Old Wiseman/Spirit of Law Keeper/Spiritual teacher

The Trickster/Joker/Wizard/Troublemaker

The Common Person/Worker/Servant.

All small ego day-to-day battles and all big world wars belong in the “I am better than you are” category. From Life’s perspective, all is always good. Life gave you freedom of choice. No harm done as in the end all gets neatly cleaned and natural order restored. But from individual perspective … I mean … don’t you kinda wanna … sort of … grow up? Play far more complicated and far more interesting grown up kids games? In 4D, 5D and so on? The kind of games that employ your mental abilities to enhance the beauty of our planet and of our universe? Aren’t you tired of making a huge mess of things? Not that it cannot be cleaned in a few days … but wouldn’t be nice of you to learn making better choices?”

Excerpt from “Theo and Mira ~ Play with Life”