Why and how life energy healing works faithfully

Looking at nature or watching a small baby, we immediately are enchanted by their perfection. How come nature and babies are so pure? Why we, humans, become less and less pure as we grow older? Can we return to that purity?

We must begin by understanding the nature of reality. Reality is of two kinds: seen/touchable (we call this manifested or physical reality) and unseen/non touchable (we call this unmanifested or spiritual reality).

Manifested/physical reality examples: earth, sun, nature, animal bodies, human body, all man-made objects, all we can see, hear, touch, all that has a physical presence.

Unmanifested/spiritual reality examples: earth’s magnetism, earth’s electromagnetic field, earth’s movements, sun’s photonic and thermal emissions, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, x rays, ultrasounds, atmospheric phenomena, ocean phenomena, moon phenomena, animal instinct, human instinct, human’s thought emissions and all afferent socio-psychological processes, all that we don’t see, hear or touch, all that does not have a physical appearance, ultimately Life force energy.

Unseen light becomes manifest into colors. Unseen air movements become manifest into sounds. Unseen instinct becomes manifest into behavior. Unseen human thought becomes manifest into objects and life situations.

Nature and pure babies respect the law of balance, bringing into manifestation only what is necessary, no more no less. Nature and babies quickly, swiftly, automatically release what isn’t necessary.

This alignment with the laws of the universe keeps them in purity and perfect harmony.

Human alone has the freedom of choice to align or not. Most humans choose not to align. They manifest more than they need, more than they are able to enjoy at this time. They keep most unnecessary “stuff” (old thoughts, habits and old objects as well) inside their bodies and their homes, which will end up cluttering and obstructing their life energy flow. This causes tiredness, disease, earlier than natural aging.

Life energy healing employs the alignment to harmony of a human being (healer) to bring you (to-be-healed), through resonance, somewhat closer to alignment. The amount of closeness to alignment depends solely of your willingness to renounce to whatever unnecessary “stuff” you are keeping inside yourself. Physical distance does not make a difference once a connection between the two human beings (healer and to-be-healed) has been established. All is connected in Life energy. Once these “stuff” released, Life energy’s force will become free to joyfully animate you, cleaning you and moving you forward through divine will. The rest is a process of periodical return to self-cleaning while relearning or remembering the natural way of clean living in harmony with Life.

Congratulations! You are a pure being, in harmony with all Life.