The Beautiful One ~ do you know him?

“I fell in love.”

“With whom? Do I know him?”

“I don’t know. Possibly. You meet him every day, everywhere.”

“Then I surely know him.”

“He is The Beautiful Human. He appears with different faces, different personalities. He lives in all social conditions, either professing or doing the blue collar work. Do you know him?

You may recognize him by his attitude: goodwilling, optimistic, satisfied with whatever life brings.

He doesn’t have a lot to say. Words are empty and meaningless, except when said at the right time. He knows timing.

But he listens. He listens to his heart, the heart of trees, of birds, of creatures of nature. He listens to the sounds of earth, water and sky. He listens to people.

He observes. He looks at people as he looks at sprouting trees and fledgling birds. He looks at people as he looks at soon-to-fully-bloomed flower. He looks at people as he would at works of art in the making.

He listens and watches and keeps silent.

Everything and nothing are separate by a shift of perception.

He lives simply. He breathes. He walks as he breathes. He eats as he breathes. He works as he breathes. The unfailing rhythm of life. He values only breath. Now, here, all is.

All and nothing shift into one another by the speed of light. Only breath. Miracle of being human happens again now. And again. And again. And again.

Because of the mind blowing speed at which he shifts from all into nothing and back into all, your mind is most likely to miss his presence. You may pass him by without noticing him. There is nothing in him that might capture your mind’s interest.

Yet, in a certain day when your heart is awake and receptive, you clearly see him with your entire being.

He holds the whole world in his hand.

Do you know him?

If yes, you know that everything is well.

©️A. Garden, September 15 2018