JUST DO IT NOW ~ paradigm shift in a nutshell and how to do it now

The paradigm shift, put simply, is a POWER SOURCE SHIFT.

CURRENTLY, human’s perception, thinking, speaking and action is POWERED BY INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL.

Instinct of survival is experienced as FEAR of death, of poverty, of being controlled (loss of freedom). This instinct of conserving one’s current form, EXACERBATED by the power of THINKING which only humans have, makes people act crazy and cause tremendous SUFFERING and destruction, creating HELL.

The paradigm is this: all perception, thinking, speaking and action shifts its source of POWER to JOY of BEING. Joy of being (referred to also as love, presence, divine desire, etc).

So, that means no one will have to stop doing what they love to do. On the contrary, all people are encouraged to do what they truly love doing. Sourced by joy of being, people’s action will create HEAVEN on EARTH.

All one must do is STOP DOING ANYTHING OUT OF FEAR. These kind of actions hurt yourself, others close to you, your city, your country and our planet as well. This is the actual change: a full stop of letting fear guide your actions.

As simple as that.

How to accomplish this?

Program your mind to continuously pray, day and night, with these simple but extremely powerful words:


In a little while, your entire perspective will shift.