No agenda ~ this is oversimplified lightwork

Complete wakefulness is inevitable.

Resist it, delay it, postpone it for five more minutes …

The desire to live is greater than the strongest inertia, than the deepest fear.

Better yet, stretch, wash your eyes and start walking, breathing deeply.

Step into the light (imaginary, at this point).

Breathe the light (imaginary, so far).

Let the light move you, inspire you,

heal you, soothe you, love you …

… the light of your soul.

The light speaks light language.

Look. Listen. Move accordingly.

This is oversimplified lightwork.

… had you chosen love.

~ * ~

… the waiter

… the homemaker

… the builder

… the gardener

… the caretaker

… the simple, the honest, the quiet, the patient, the naive, the dreamer …

This is full divine being fully on Earth.

©️A. Garden, Nov. 2018