“where there is space there is immense energy, not self-interested energy, unlimited energy”

“Beauty is not in the mountains, in the sky, in the valleys or in the flowing river.

Beauty exists where the self is not.

You can see the great old trees of three to five thousands years ord in California. One sees the majesty of that tree and says “how marvelous”. But the self hides behind that tree, right?

So beauty exists only where there is love, and beauty, love is compassion.

There is no ground for compassion, it doesn’t stay at your convenience. And that beauty, love, truth is the highest form of intelligence. Where there is that intelligence, there is action, clarity, tremendous sense of dignity. It is something inimaginable and that which cannot be imagined, or the unlimited, cannot be put into words.

Philosophers have described it, but the philosophers who described it are not that which they have described. So, to come up on that great sense, there must be the absence of the “me”, the ego, egocentric activity, the becoming. There must be a great silence inward. Silence means emptiness of everything. In that, there is space; where there is space there is immense energy – not self-interested energy, unlimited energy.”