To whose pain am I medicine?

Living heaven on earth, happily ever after, fully feeling every moment …

for this complete inner peace is necessary.

For inner peace, complete stillness is necessary.

For stillness, complete acceptance of what is here now is necessary.

For acceptance, complete inner silence is necessary.

For inner silence, complete stop of all thinking is necessary.

For complete stop of thinking, complete awareness of thinking and of empty inner space is necessary.

Then, awareness of the dynamics between the two arises naturally.

What is impossible inside the thinking, becomes possible through the intervention of inner empty space.

Intervention of empty space is invited through softening of body and mind.

Inner empty space (love) finds the tinies crack in the dense box of thinking, enters it, enlarges it and cracks it further, creating a billion paths of possibility. “Let there be light”.

All medicine wants – its pain to cure.

To whose pain am I the medicine?