Truth be told

I am Infinite Intelligence in a small body on a small blue planet.

This is a virtual reality which I create as I move along.

I am here to enjoy my own Self.

My joy is heaven on earth.

I am incessant movement, peaceful and poised.

I am always surrounded by Goldenwhite Lovelight

I love the serenity of Goldenwhite Lovelight.

I love the feeling of warmth and softness for relaxation.

I love the feeling of eagerness and intense focus for activity of creation.

I love the light and warmth of human soul.

I love to occasionally connect with human souls and then move on to creating and enjoying.

I love the rage of a lion inside me, always ready, if needed, to wipe clear the canvas, to reset the game. Rage like this does not come from instinct. It is pure fire of clearing. It is rarely needed because Goldenwhite Light can fix anything I dislike as soon as I let go of it.

This moment is my creation.

I appreciate all little aspects.

Goldenwhite Lovelight corrects or improves in an instant that which needs correction or improvement.

I love well made things.

I love the natural world.

Beautiful things appear in my reality, through my own doing or not.

I love artistry in every little thing made.

I love artistry I see in Nature.

I love space.

I love to play.

My reality is 99.99% made of creation material : space, pure energy, love ~ Goldenwhite Lovelight .

Love is source of inspiration for all my ideas.

Love is my greatest joy.

©️A. Garden, November 22, 2018

Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash