It is the light

Many moments pass, seemingly lost forever in the bottomless abyss of unconscious.

Some moments stay forever. After thirty years, I still remember that particular moment of that particular day. There was nothing special about that moment. How? As years went by, other forever seconds appeared and joined what I thougth them to be “sweet childhood memories”. What do all forever moments have in common?

It took many years of study to finally understand: it is the light.

Most majority of our lives moments pass by, on automatic pilot: “go there, do that, say that”. A program runs our lives. But doesn’t have to.

We talk about conscious living, but how that actually translates into every day, moment to moment life?

Conscious, awareness, presence, inner peace, inner light.

The time one needs to reach a state of calm it is time well wasted; a few forever moments will be gained as result. And yet, the state of inner calm is, by itself, utterly satisfying.

©️A. Garden, Nov. 2018