The Sword of Truth

world, separation, fear, force, effort, achieve, earn, prove, become, resent, complain, blame, pride, doing, looking, compare, duality, seeking, pursuit, thinking, judging, past, future, wanting, dreams, hopes, glamour


Truth, Unity, Love, All, Being, Seeing, Beauty, Light, Simple, Awake, Now, Here, Breath, Power, Heaven on Earth

So I learned to ask every single thought that comes to my mind:

“Is this true? Really, really, really true?”

“Is this harmless to me and to those close to me?”

“Is this the best possible way for all?”

This is how the Sword of Truth illuminates the mind.

Illusions dissolve when Light comes.

The mind is now conscious, aware.

The mind now can see.

Gratefulness arises naturally.

©️A. Garden, Dec. 2018