Good morning, Universal Being!

I don’t know if you have ever tried to awake a teenager. It is not easy and it is not pretty. He wants to keep dreaming, he does not want to be awake and responsible for his thoughts. He wants to keep frolicking in fantasy land. He does not easily let himself be conviced that awakeness is better. So, it can get ugly. The crying, the cursing, the turning on the other side, the pillow on his head. So, it takes time. It takes patience. It takes wit. It takes kindness. Ultimately, it’s a woman’s job.

The One Universal Being is awakening. No reason to consider It better than your average teenager. Because It is your average teenager. It is also you. It is me. We are It. So, We, The One Universal Being, are awakening now. We learned a lot while sleeping and dreaming. We tested out the tool of creation: thinking. It was primarily a man’s job.

Now it is time to use it for real, creating into the One Reality: consciousness.

One Creator has awakened. One Creator will creat consciously from now on.

Only true love / desire.

Good morning, Universal Being! Let it be light! Enjoy your day!

What do I want to create today? Before you decide, get a clear view of all possibilities. To get a clear view, rise up … into the light.

©️A. Garden, December 2018