Excerpt from work in progress

“… uhm … starting to feel a little chilly, a nice hot chamomile tea would be nice. Oh, yes, I remember … the patisserie just around the corner. Yes, let’s move. Come on, get up, get up! Get … up! You promise you follow the inspiration. Why is it hard to get up from this bench? Why is getting harder? Why I don’t believe in miracles, in something wonderful expecting me around the corner anymore? Oh, come on! Why Mira, it’s time to shake off this stale feeling. What expects you around the corner is beyond your imagination.”

The heart is excited, the mind is apprehensive.

Just start slowly. What would be wonderfully simple and accessible right now?

A walk. A nice slow walk. Yes. That would be so invigorating. A light moving would be nice. More looking at people. At strangers. More doing things. More feeling it all. Easy, easy, flow, gentle. It’s ok to feel, feeling is energy, energy movement is health and happiness. Free flowing life energy feels fresh, it feels like good clean fun, it feels like vibrantly alive nature, like spontaneous natural appreciation, a burst of joy, … and love in gaze, in voice, in words, in gestures between people.

Free flowing love feels amazing, more and more blisful. Look … watch that little girl over there, skipping, swaying her arms with energetic self-confindent optimism as if the entire universe were her playground and all that ever matters is getting into play mood.

Mira remembered she used to be that girl. What would that little girl do if she were here now, wearing Mira’s shoes … and dress … and trench coat?

First, she would make the world a blue place. A new beginning. An empty space.

Next, she would take the piece of white chalk out of her pocket and draw a line. A horizontal line, for no other purpose than logical reference: a blue sky and a blue earth. Then, out of the pure infinite blue, by utterly mysterious means, another line appears. A vertical line, perpendicular on the first. A few other lines and the set is ready. The finished set of lines seems to exert a powerful attraction, calling, inviting Mira “come, sit here, let’s touch the sky”.

This minimal long upstanding rectangular talked to her. Even more so, it promised her a journey up high. Spontaneously, the corners of Mira’s lips curved up from a natural inner “Yes”. A few steps and her bottom sits onto the lower horizontal shorter line of the rectangular while her palms grab hold of the two verticals. With an energetic confident movement, Mira’s feet pushed into the earth, logically launching her into the opposite direction. Blue sky above, blue earth below, a girl swinging in between. Laughing, crying … Nothing but bliss.

Who knew a simple rectangle could offer such joy!

Is this rectangle an angel? Are angels colors, sounds and shapes? Simple pure ideas. Abstractions.

What would be wonderful now? Someone to play with. Let’s see. I could simply duplicate myself and after, make a few minor adjustments. I would give it a slightly different face, a slightly different perception, a new name. I would love its company and it would love mine. We would play together. ”

Excerpt from work in progress “Theo and Mira” part 2

©️A. Garden, Jan. 2018