When trees breathe mist ~ excerpt from work in progress

“When trees breathe mist angels are free to play games among scattered humans strolling in the park. Angels are always happy, always finding something to play with, always in love with life. Humans walk, lost in thoughts, weaving and knitting treads of stories, imagining places and situations, secretly hoping that their dreams will eventually come true, continuously oscillating between hope and disbelief, yet still waiting for love. “If only they could rise and see the big picture.”

Mira loves how the mist surrounds her in a thick humid shawl of tiniest specks of water, penetrating her clothes, reaching for her skin with sensual intentions, or perhaps simply being attracted to her heat emanating body. The wooden bench underneath sleeps in peace, her destiny fulfilled. Wet leaves, completely consumed by sunlight, rain, summertime and wind, surrender their material remains to the earth, in a melancholic chorus: “gone are the days, gone is the sun / life slips away, in the blink of the eye. If only mind could let it be ok as it is and simply sleep, so the senses of the soul awake and feel.”

Mira felt herself dissolving into the mist. There are no words to describe this emerging into all while becoming nothing. She was the trees, she was the mist, she was the earth and the dying leaves. ”

Excerpt from work in progress “Theo and Mira” part 2