Being Real Joy ~ how to bring peace

Real joy is not a feeling but generates only good feelings.

Real joy is not a state of mind, but generates a wonderful mental state.

Real joy is not a thought but generates only the best truly wonderful thoughts.

Real joy has no face but generates the most beautiful face.

We do many things.

But are they actually powered by real joy?

How do we find real joy?

First, we look where we can find it. Inside.

Then, we throw away everything. Nothing real could be thrown away, so if it can be thrown away, it must. But even if you’ve just started cleaning up your inner home, a warm sunlight ray cheers your heart with a promise of a full sunshine. Carry on clearing with great perseverance. It is the only work one must do. Throw away all beliefs about anything of value outside of you, in the world. Throw away beliefs. Leave all things be. The work is stop believing in anything outside of you.

It’s easy when you remember all takes place in the mind. Don’t get lost there.

Ask yourself : Why do I do this? What is the motivation? Is it fear? Is it an abstract idea which, when accomplished might provide something I consider of value? What do I mentally consider of value? Am I willing to give up all value ideas for real joy?

What is real joy?

Take a moment and contemplate this. If you have answers straight away, put them aside and be silent and still. It might take a while. If you have trouble sitting in silence and letting go of things, don’t worry. Eventually life will take away all that you have ever mentally consider precious. Everything that can be removed, will be removed. Everything that has a beginning has an end. The entire show will surely come to an end … eventually. And yet, here I remain. Untouched. Pure. Whole. Breathing. Just a child smile. And here you are. The game called world is no longer needed.

No need to be afraid. You will understand why in a minute. If you are willing to be silent and still, you will understand. Slowly, in your mind, the world will melt away. Then, real joy shines like a sun. The longer you keep silent and still, the more willing your mind to let go of ideas (ideas are like clouds, some black, some white, but still covering the sky), the sooner real joy will dawn on your mind.

Everything is in the mind. Everything is perceived according to your mental state. Ideas and the world they make are objects that appear in the blue sky, illuminated by the light of the sun. And then, they slowly disappear. The sky and the sun remain.

Remember all the toys you had? Where did they all go?

Remember all the places you visited? What happened to them?

Remember all the friends you had? How are they now?

How many life’s moments can you recall from memory? Where all the rest of them go?

Remember, at times, when you, as a child, felt happy for no particular reason …

Real joy is that true inner child smiling shining like a sun. Always calling you home.

The world is a show playing on the screen of your retina.

If you feel you no longer want to live without real love, look within.

Inner smile shining in me recognizing and greeting the inner smile shining in you.

Peace and joy.

©️A. Garden, March 2019