However … the Dark Unconscious and Love

However …

The Dark Unconscious, the “dream land” is the fertile chaotic soil out if which grand ideas eventually bloom.

That’s why humans go in pairs. While one is digging into Unknown for bits and pieces of grand ideas, the other stays on the shore, awake, holding his hand.

One is getting all mad and dirty swimming in the mud, the other remains on the shore of Reality, getting ready to pull out and clean up his parter as he emerges victorious, holding a precious grain in his hand: a new discovery. This bit will ultimately be integrated into the big geometrical Reality of Light.

While communication between the two is on, the relationship is sane. The fun is big.

So probing the Great Dark Unknown is not only useful but fun as long as both remember and respect their own role and the role of the other.

When the link of trust is broken … insanity installs. One is sinking into mud. The other, on the shore has to watch losing his friend (the not so insane version) OR dive deep to save the other (the very insane version).

Therefore … LOVE.

Love is key.

Love, that throbbing feeling in our chest,

love tells us who we may trust.