Don’t use your mind to reprogram your mind

Don’t use your mind to reprogram your mind.

Your mind is alredy corrupted by non-true premises sourced from 3D perception of senses, the conventional reality.

You have already discovered the unreliability of your perception. There are substances which may easily alter it. With an altered perception you continue to breathe and feel the aliveness you are.

You have already scientifically discovered that your perception is but a random succession of somewhat organized impressions, visual, auditory, tactile. Boiled down, your perception consists always of a certain combination of a few shapes, a few colors, a few sound frequencies. All these create a more or less complex image on the interface called brain, your built-in monitor.

Next, your social conventions which are being programmed into your brain in childhood, come into play. Learning what “other people” or “the world” say it means when a certain image appers on your brain is crucial to keeping your brain tuned to society.

Next, your mind is being presented (and trained to recognize) two sets of perceptive experiences: one pile, desirable perceptions and anothet pile, undesirable perceptions. So, for the rest of your life, you spend your time and action-effort running away or fighting the undesirable and/or chasing after to make happen the desireable.

This is the subconscious programming of your brain.

Silence, stillness, and forgiveness (which in truth is recognition of unreality of the meanings the brain associates with a certain sensory perception) practiced diligently will eventually clear all subconscious programming.

Soon, you will access the truth, the joy of being.

©️A. Garden, April 2019