Keys Indigenous People Hold to Our Becoming

If our goal is becoming fully alive,

Filled with peace and joy of being,

What keys do indigenous people everywhere hold for us?

“Respect the Earth and Ocean as you would your dearest grandmother.

Respect the Sky as you would your dearest grandfather.

Watch and listen in silence.

Listen to and watch attentively your fully alive in-laws,

Tree-people, plant-people, four-legged people, winged-people, rock-people

And indigenous people.

Give up all your thoughts. New unimaginable visions will be given as gifts.

Give up all your belongings. Fresh flowers and leaves will clothe and adorn your body.

Give up all your knowledge. Secret paths will be shown to you, no one will comprehend.

Give up all your habits. Amazing adventures are opening up at every step.

Follow any call that excites your spirit.

Talk with your body. Speak with your voice only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence.

Think with your heart. Wellbeing of all life is the premise of heart thinking.

Love with your soul. Our souls are a big family, returning to one home.

Say “I am you”.

©️A. Garden, May 10th 2019