Conscious creator oath

I shall not turn into a drama my need for expansion, for evolution, for change, for new.

It is inherent to all life.

I shall not perceive with hateful despising eyes the boundaries which served as my place and my personality for awhile. I shall not deny them. I shall not waste energy trying to destroy them. I shall simply grow out of them.

I shall not let frustration of transition to new last longer than a split of a second. “Bam! And it is over!” I will not look back.

I shall not be afraid as I walk towards my desire.

I shall not hope the new will be completely satisfying. There will always be more. I shall always step forward. Joyfully.

I shall become the change I will to see manifested.

I shall be that new place. I shall be that new personality. I shall be that new life.

©️A. Garden, June 2019