I can’t remember a time not knowing you

I can’t remember a time not knowing you

the way you make me feel

the words you whisper

my heart has forever known

but my ears yearn for their sound …

“I am never not with you

I am never not closer than your most secret desires

I am never anything else to you than bliss

intelligence of your cells never loves anything but me

I am all beauty around you

I am music you suddenly sing

I am the sky with all the stars

and the hardness under your soles

I am your breath and the rhythm of your heart

I am the food and wine you crave

I am all pleasure that you seek

I am your dreams and your restful sleep

I am the joy in the warmth of your chest

I am a vortex pulling you nearer.

Hear me, love me and be filled with delicious juice called life.

Listen to my perpetual call and declaration:

“I love you, thank you! I love you, thank you! I love you, thank you! … “

This is

the  magic of life in neutral mode,

in the field beyond right and wrong.

Excerpts from “Letters from my Soul”

©️A. Garden, June 2019