Don’t be so serious


throw away your weapons,

smite the eyes of fear,

burn to ashes the million tongues of passion,

no need for language,

watch monsters dissipate as pixels on a screen,

grow bigger than the cell you crafted around,

burst out!


in the open atmosphere of peace and joy,

friends and lovers play,

winning always.


children are experts

while adults, little pupils.

don’t be so serious.

cast away that theatrical persona.

come, be natural once again.

fall in love.

One day,

when the body dissolves into earth,

when the mind returns to clear sky,

you will laugh at your silliness

of taking this little life so seriously.

And yet,

if you still hesitate,

if you think you have things to do

jobs to finish,

children to feed,

a world to save,

go on!

the truth will always and forever

be here,




for your return.

©️A. Garden, June 2019