Could the human psyche become natural, more like life?

When I am in nature, I don’t feel the urge to consume constantly. No need to constantly munch like a caterpillar, no need to mentally ingest ideas and images, neither through senses from the outter world, neither through daydreaming, from inner world. What happens to the human psyche when consuming comes to a complete stop?

Is it possible to see the wholeness of the human psyche?

The entire structure of the human mind

Like a big spread out city

Like a structure of small and bigger boxes

Like a network of wires

Like a set of conventions to live by …

Overlaid onto nature.

Is life possible outside of the human psyche?

Is life possible into the human psyche?

Outside of human psyche structures, nature thrives. It is obvious.

But could the human psyche become somewhat … natural? Could it be more like life is?

So Life may integrate it into Itself?

©️A. Garden, July 2019