Which of the two, predictable or unpredictable, offers more joy? ~ a note written in the spirit of Krishnamurti

Listening and reading Krishnamurti awakes questions.

Could the human psyche become somewhat natural? Could it be more like Life is? Could human and Nature become friends?

We all declare we love nature, but have we really taken time to get to know it? To understand it in its whole complexity? Have we developed a relationship with nature at all?

Have we truly looked at it?

In order to look, to really look in such a way that one sees, understands the complex mechanisms as well as understands the laws nature follows; in order to really look in such a way, one’s mind must be completely silent, still, free of all distractions (ideas, urges, patterns, routines, beliefs).

Why nature? Because nature is the only at hand physical observable manifestation of that we call Life.

But aren’t humans Life as well? Are they something else? Or they are just hallucinating they are something different, something apart from Life? We declare human alone has self awareness, meaning he is able to observe and regulate himself. Do we really? … have self awareness?

Therefore, when we wake up, waking up naturally that is, each individual at its own moment of realization, not merely by impulsive adherence to an idea; when we wake up and realize we’ve only been dreaming the whole time, could we be afraid of Life any longer? How could one be afraid of oneself?

If nature is Life and human is Life, could human be afraid of Nature?

Human is afraid of the unpredictability of Nature. Because the unpredictable requires total awareness, a state of constant alertness, while the predictable allows mind to function on autopilot, practically go to sleep.

Which of the two, predictable or unpredictable, offers more joy?

In the spirit of Krishnamurti,

A. Garden, July 2nd 2019