Asking impossible questions in Wonderland

Is it possible to dwell simply in nature, without complicated protective structures and contraptions and technologies, without any effort to grow or hunt and preserve necessary nourishment; to observe to understand nature, its laws and ways of being. Dissolve all personality (ego, psyche) attributes. Relate sanely, without ego, without center. Becoming part of nature.

Is it possible to relax into man’s world, to feel at home regardless, to meet each moment afresh, with renewed perception, with an open mind and with complete attention, like a child, observe?

Is it possible to wake up in a new world each day, yet feeling at ease, safe, at home?

Is it possible therefore to completely regenerate the brain each night, feeling fresh anew, reborn each morning, retaining only the optimum necessary memory, the frame for the continuity of the main structures of the setting (the world)?

How would a closer to natural dwell would be? Of what kind of material? What shape its inner space would take, to feel both free and safe? Made warm by sun and earth? Decorated with light and shadows? Filled with fragrances of pine and sea, dry leaves and sand, ripen grapes and blooming lavender?

Is it possible to live without thought? Yes, no thought. Swiftly like the breeze, move around and pass beyond any thought, little or big, nasty or beautiful, individual or collective. Life in the space between and beyond thoughts, life in the nature between and beyond villages, towns, cities. Life in Love. Live in the space between and beyond planets?

Is it possible the Feminine withdrawing support for all Masculine insane thought-driven endeavors? Mother Earth stop feeding men resources for construction materials, produce for food, electricity for communication, and all the rest? In the blink of the eye, faster than thought.

Is Psyche finally ready to renounce limitations of thought and eat the ambrosia of Unlimited?

Is there one single thought, one that extinguishes all thoughts? Like the singularity of the black hole?

And then, live!

©️A. Garden, July 2019