Living in Love ~ a completely different way of life (and you actually know it)

Is it possible to live in a completely different way?

Is there life beyond mind?

Could that be Love?

Do we know Love?

Could the sincere decision to live in Love be enough?

The decision to live in Love must be backed up by keen awareness because there will be split-moment choices to make. Until we decide to respond only to Love, we are neither free nor happy. Until we desire nothing but Life, nothing but Love …

Once you become Love, you cannot go where Love does not, you cannot touch what Love touches not, you cannot “eat” what Love eats not. There will be no mental recording of any event. No recording anything. What for? Once the moment is over, it won’t be again. A new one requires all attention. No images, no words, therefore no watching, no talking, no judging. No independent will either. No wants, no desires. What for? Already all is here and new is on its way. No fear, no avoidance. Of what? Of love? Where Love takes me, here I am.

What is here? Here, listening is. Here, observing is. No doing. Love does the doing. And it is a lot of it.

You’d say “What? Give up all that? For love?”

I claim we all know this way of living. If you have ever been raising babies and small children, you know. I think a baby may be a clear example of embodied Love. If you have ever grown a garden, you know. If you have taken care of animals, you know. If you have ever been in love, you know. If you have friends who also live in love, you know. If you have grandparents who emanate peace, you know. If you have ever taken a stroll by yourself, under the full moon, without reason, without target, just for the sake of walking, and slowly, immersed into beauty, lose yourself … you know.

©️A. Garden, July 2019