Observe the Human Ego ~ either Love, either thought

Observe the thought and all its contraptions. The human Ego.

Thought contraptions of safety, survival, security.

Thought contraptions of connecting to natural environment and to other beings.

Thought contraptions related to desires and so called free will.

Thought contraptions responsible for emotions, sorrow and worry.

Thought contraptions related to word expression of thoughts.

Thought contraptions related to images, visions, dreams, imagination.

Thought contraptions related to connection with the Universe.

Observe, in one single split second glimpse all intricacies of interconnected thought contraptions. Observe the human Ego. Behold the SuperEgo, the human ego reaching full blooming. Observe it withering away.

Love is all but that.

Everywhere around and in between spaces, never touching thought.

Life is everywhere, but thought.

So, one is either inside ego-thought-network, either out if it.

One is either in Love, or in thought.

©️A. Garden, July 2019