Ecstasy ~ from Krishnamurti’s Notebook

“It appears one is awakened merely to register a certain experience; this has happened quite often, for the past year. One was awakened this morning with a living feeling of joy; it was taking place as one woke up; it wasn’t a thing in the past. It was actually taking place. It was coming, this ecstasy, from “outside”, not self-induced; it was being pushed through the system, flowing through the organism, with great energy and volume.The brain was not taking part in it but only registering it, not as a remembrance but as an actual fact which was taking place. There was, it seemed, immense strength and vitality behind this ecstasy; it wasn’t sentimental nor a feeling, an emotion but as solid and real as that stream crashing down the mountain-side or that solitary pine on the green mountain slope. All feeling and emotion are related to the brain and as love is not, so was this ecstasy. It is with the greatest difficulty, the brain can recall it. Early this morning there was a benediction that seemed to cover the earth and fill the room. With it comes an all consuming suming quietness, a stillness that seems to have within it all movement.”

Excerpt from “Krishnamurti’s Notebook”