A recap of latest observations ~ a little bit for the mind dominated

Uhm … Haven’t written for the mind for some time now … soo ...

Let’s recap.

The human being is formed of three distinctive parts:

  • the body, neutral in its nature

  • the mind, evil in its nature

  • the soul, good in its nature


  • nature to understand the body

  • society to understand the mind

  • Life to understand the soul


  • small child, body and soul symbiosis, free of time

  • common adult, body and mind symbiosis, slave to time

Observing human society

  • based on thought

  • thought makes objects: material objects, mental images objects and mental abstractions objects

  • objects define space and create TIME

  • objects and time combined make stories (a timely succession of events): “grow up, get a job, get married and live happily” story, “grow up, learn a lot, become an expert and get fame” story, “grow up, be a rebel, an activist and protest against society’s stories”, “grow up and write more stories”, “grow up and be a saviour of the poor victims” story, “get divorced, be a happy do-what-I-want bachelor” story, “become a teacher for the poor less intelligent” story … and anything with words and images is a fragment of a potential story

  • thought created the human psyche and its material manifestation, the human society.

  • human psyche/society like a big CinemaCity, growing by the minute through the contribution of each individual mind

  • its purpose? To keep us distracted from Soul’s true living.

  • Is it working? The Soul doesn’t mind. It is always here.

Observing Life

  • observing a seed, it has no problem with birth and death

  • observing the leaf and the flower, they have no problem with birth and death

  • observing the earth, it has no problem with equity

  • observing the sun, it has no problem with returns

  • observing the night cover of diamonds, it has no problem with thieves

  • observing the breath, it has no problem with coming and going

  • observing the ocean and the earth, they have no problem with different animal species

Observing soul-mind dynamic

  • “Let your voice sing” said my soul, “Don’t sing. You don’t know how to sing good enough” said my mind

  • “Let your feet dance” said my soul, “Don’t dance. You can’t dance well enough” said my mind

  • “Let your hands paint” said my soul, “Don’t paint. You are not an artist” said my mind.

  • “Let your fingers write” said my soul, “You are not a writer, and you don’t have the talent to become one” said my mind

  • “Let us walk and breathe and look at life” said my soul. “You can’t just do nothing, accomplish nothing, have nothing to show for, nothing to say. You are a loser” said my mind

  • “Let us dismiss the mind” said my soul. “What? What are you without thinking? An animal. A retarded. A child.”

  • “Let us be a child” said my soul. Then my heart exploded with pure childhood joy and annihilated the mind in its ectasy.

After observing all these, you will understand. Then, if you do consciously chose to enter the CinemaCity and play a role there, go for it. Why not?

It should be … fun … partially.

Keeping you distracted from how Life actually happens.

So, which role would you prefer now? A daughter? A housewife? A doctor? A savior?

A teacher? A politician? A conservative? A progressive? An anarchist? A drug dealer? There are more and “better” roles being created by the second… Come and get it! Be honest! You WANT IT!!!! …. says the Mind.

©️A. Garden, August 2019