Free Clean Energy

Become 100% sustainable? One energy form that is 100% clean and 100% free?

Recognize your actual needs.

Are your nutrient needs met by anything else than clean produce made by Nature, by Life?

Are your heating and shelter needs met, without unnecessarily complicating your existence, by other than clean and natural Sun and Earth?

Is your traveling need met, without unnecessarily complicating your existence, by your own Life-created and Life-powered body with feet?

For your contact with another needs, without complicating unnecessarily your existence, is your heart, that mini power plant of clean&free Life energy you carry in your chest, the purest, most complete way to connect to another? Is there anything else that you actually need?

For your creative active needs, is that pure immediate total nonthought action which we call inspiration, sourced in Life’s intelligence, your cleanest freest best way of doing things?

Look at Life, look at nature and discover yourself the actuality of all living.

Only Life energy is 100% clean and comes 100% free.

Recognize that only Life energy animates your magnificent body.

When Life decides to leave it, nothing more than a pile of bones is left of it.

Cleanse your brain of all thought-made stories of sadness and fear, all lies.

Through your bare soles, the living Earth and Nature informs your clean brain.

Through your bare skin, the living Sun and Atmosphere informs your clean brain.

Through other life forms you meet in your way, Life informs your clean brain.

One life form recognises another as part of Life Itself. There is nothing to fear.

Throw away whatever thought-made contraptions cover your senses.

Reset your senses by immersing yourself into Nature.

Repair and recalibrate your innate intuitive functions.

Do all these with ease. As easy as looking!

Do all these right here and right now! It is all inner psychological work so it does not require any special setting, a different place, a different ambiance, a different company, a different anything (that is the last trick of the mind).

The Society called Life welcomes you to join in!

When your disgust with what you call “your life” lived by what you call “your self” “your persona” “your mind”, when your disgust becomes total …

When there is nothing to hold you back … you’ll simply … pop into this wonderful place … without moving a muscle.

The society called Life welcomes you! You become free Life.

No fear. No problems. No time. No plans. No meanings. No thoughts. No commitment. No expectations. No excuses. No interpretation.

Only free Life, eternally Now, entirely fresh … as a blooming cherry blossom, as a falling snow flake, as a flowing river, as a magnificent tree, as a bird, forever spreading love perfume and forever growing life-giving fruit.

Life is the Master.

©️A. Garden, September 1st, 2019